What our students say.



My experience in Manchester was unbeatable. A friendly city, a magical atmosphere in leisure and study or the activities planned by the organization made for a fantastic month. However, for me, the best were the families who were aware of our studies, food, the increase of our English...

Eda Arikan


Although it is hard to explain why Manchester is vitally important for me, I try to do this. First of all, there are a lot of opportunities to have fun which you can find easily whenever you want. Initially, when I came to Manchester, the weather was challenging. However, you can get used to living in this situation and then I started to enjoy getting wet in the rain when I did sport. To socialize, there are three famous universities which can enable young people to meet new international friends. Maybe you can visit your friends who live in other countries thanks to this situation. In addition to this, you can find a lot of festivals, concerts, theatres, musicals to be able to attend. This city is close to other bigger cities so for the weekend, you can also visit others easily. That's to say, if you want to try new activities or have a more social circle, this will be the right choice.

Jennifer Rodríguez


Being a student in Manchester is a great experience as there are activities and places to visit that suit every interest and taste. But the most rewarding thing was that I had the opportunity to live with a great host family that always made me feel part of them. Manchester is one of the most vibrant and exciting destinations in the world, a place to study, learn and enjoy yourself.

Juan Diego Stepa


Juan Diego Stepa, I am from Colombia, I got to Manchester the first week of February, so I started this amazing experience, I have known people from different countries and cultures firstly Ms Donna and her family people who can help you if you need information about different things in the city even if you want to travel around the United Kingdom. Secondly, the school is very professional whit the teachers and the way of teaching, where you could meet people from around the world is a possibility to know other cultures, in my opinion, it is something to grow yourself.
Manchester is a great city it has an amazing history and many museums; is a city where there are many young people in the majority students so if you want to come here, you could enjoy the nightlife.

Karen Garcia


I got in Manchester in 27 January Miss Donna picked me up in the airport. She explained me about different things such as; Where I could take the bus, which number I able to take etc.
Actually, I am living with her daughter Miss Dominic and her family, they are generous, I can practice my English with them, sometimes, we had been doing different activities as; barbecue, play blowing etc.
They are always aware of what I need, how I feel.
I have luck with them



I just wanted to say how amazing my experience studying and living in Manchester was. I had a wonderful time there, made friends from different cultures, experienced new things and fully lived the English lifestyle. One major contribution to that was my host family, they have welcomed me with open arms and really helped on improving my English in every aspect.
Overall if you want to learn English I strongly advice heading to Manchester because is a vibrant and unique city with fun things to do for everyone.
Go ahead, embark on this adventure, you won’t regret it.

Mathew Alejo


I am studying English in Manchester and I am living with homestay. I have had a good time here. In Manchester is sometimes cold but it is a good experience for your life, know about of the food and culture too. I have improved my skill in English. I recommend visiting Manchester when you want to learn or improve your English.

Mauricio Cortez


My experience in Manchester so far has been the best in my life, I think coming here was the best choice to learn English. Everything has been very good. The trip and arrival to the city of Manchester were excellent, the lodging has been sensational because it is a comfortable place, the atmosphere is very nice, I have felt like in my family besides being safe and quiet. Really, it has been one of my best times, because I have enjoyed new cultures, I have known new friends, the studio is super good because I have felt the change sincerely, now my English is much better. Manchester is a very interesting city because it has fantastic places full of history to know, in addition to its architecture and its distribution. The mobility in the city is very good because it is very organized the transportation system. In the centre of the city, you can find places for all tastes, pub, restaurants, parks and diversity shops to visit. The weather is very variable but not an impediment to enjoy. It really is a unique experience that I have enjoyed so far fulfilling my main goal which is to improve my English level. I definitely recommend this destination and of course the lodging at Donna House.

Yessica Andrea Cortetz


Since I arrived to Manchester, I have felt satisfied with everything, for example in the Homestay I and my brother we’re really happy because we are feeling like in our home; the attention is especial and the family has been like our family here and I think that is very important this point because we´re too far from our home in Colombia and we have felt the attention and affection for part of them, in a country totally different with different culture and customs, so is really good and for this reason we´re grateful with our homestay in Manchester. In the school I highlight the special thing that it´s to meet people from different countries and create lasting relationships and good friendships at the same time that we improve our English and we are learning about everything in the environment, it has been an excellent and wonderful experience in my life. I’m delighted in Manchester and I´m fulfilling my purpose here.