Helping You Every Step of the Way.

Airport Transfers

Finding your way from the airport to your accommodation can be a challenge if you’re not familiar with the area and confident speaking the language. We can arrange for a transfer direct from the airport to your accommodation, meaning you will get to your accommodation quickly, safely and easily.

University Advice and Personal Statement Help

If the next step on your journey is a university degree in the UK, we can help. There are so many fantastic universities in the UK, and a degree from one of them will be hugely beneficial for your career prospects.

We offer courses to help you reach the standard of English required by UK universities, and we can support you through the application process. We can give you advice and feedback on your personal statement and make sure your English is perfect, giving you the best chance of being accepted on to your chosen course.

One to One Classes

Learning English in a group environment is an enjoyable experience, but one to one tuition can also be beneficial to your language learning. A one-to- one class is an opportunity for you to work on any specific areas you would like to improve upon with an experienced English teacher. Whether you need help with grammar, pronunciation or preparation for an exam, one-to- one classes will help you reach your goals.

One-to- one classes are flexible in nature and can be scheduled around your course timetable. Our teachers will help you identify areas for improvement and ensure your individual language learning needs are met.

Let us know on your application form if you would like to book a one to one conversation class, or get in touch with our team to find out more.

Conversation Classes

Classroom learning is a great way to improve your overall level of English, but to develop fluency you need to speak it as much as possible! Our conversation classes give you the opportunity to practice your spoken English, make friends and have fun. The aim of these classes is to improve your conversation skills and build your confidence interacting with others in English.

Our conversation classes are open to all language students in Manchester. Just use the form below to book your place or find out more!