The Story Behind Aspiring English

To fully learn a language, you need to experience it. Taking lessons and learning from textbooks is a good start, but to develop confidence and fluency it is best to immerse yourself in that language and culture. This is why we are here; we take education out of the classroom and into the real world, supporting your learning and providing you with an unforgettable experience.

Aspiring English was created out of a desire to promote an authentic language learning experience through safe and trusted means. Learning a language is an experience which will improve your work and study prospects, as well as being an opportunity to broaden your horizons and travel the world. We aim to help students of all ages improve their lives through quality education, accommodation and social activities.

We aim to facilitate life changing experiences through English language classes, social activities, travel, and trusted accommodation options. Our goal is to make the process of learning English in the UK as smooth and safe as possible, and we do that by helping you through the entire process.


The Aspiring English journey began as a homestay. We have years of experience hosting students from overseas who are visiting Manchester to learn English, and through this we found we had a real passion for supporting students through their language journey. The more students who stayed with us, the more requests for different types of help we were getting, and Aspiring English was born. What started as just accommodation has now grown into social activities, arranging courses, and everything in between. 

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We have been truly inspired by some of the young people from overseas who we have met over the many years running a homestay, and founded this company to support their entire experience. We provide English experiences which combine classroom learning, real life learning, cultural exchange and new opportunities. We are here to help you settle in to a new culture, make friends from around the world, and prepare for your future in university or in employment.